Energy Island Update

Energy Island project turns out to be too expensive.

Sometimes plans change

Grand plans were made to create energy islands in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea in 2021, and we recently saw laws passed to accommodate the project, it seems, according to Danish newspaper Børsen, that the Danish Government has given up on the project as is. 

The project would turn out to be too expensive, costing an estimate of 50 Billion Danish Kroner, or 6.7 Billion Euros, which defies a requirement in the Danish grant regulations that projects need to be socio-economically profitable.

However, the minister for Climate and Energy, Lars Aagaard, writes in an email that the government still intends to realise the offshore wind potential in the North Sea.

Source: Børsen (text in Danish)

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A picture showing a pair of scissors cutting a bag of money in half. The bag has text saying: "10 billion", and 3 coins are falling out of the bag and into a piggy bank. In the background a group of people is seen.

10 Billion DKK tax break proposed

The Danish government has proposed a tax reform, which will give a tax break of 10 billion Danish Kroner (DKK) to 3.3 million Danes from 2026. The reform has also introduced a new “top-top-tax” for people with an annual income of more than 2.5 million DKK.

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