From United Tax Network - Denmark to Crossbord

As you may have noticed, United Tax Network has become Crossbord. In this process, it is natural that questions arise. We have tried to collect some of them here and hopefully have given a proper answer.

We have changed our name and brand from United Tax Network – Denmark to Crossbord. This also means that the name of our legal entity is changed but other than that everything else in that is the same, address, company registration number (CVR), etc.. The url of our website (domain) is now www.crossbord.dk but we keep all the information on www.unitedtaxnetwork.dk for now. As our domain is new, we will also slowly roll out new email addresses with the @crossbord.dk ending, contact your primary contact person if you have any questions or doubts. To contact the Crossbord team generally, you can always write to hello@crossbord.dk or call us at (+45) 9816 0505.

We changed our name to better reflect our core services. We wanted a name that reflects the scope of our core service and focus, which is to assist in situations where projects and/or employees cross borders. With the new name and brand we also want to signal that we assist with more than “just” taxation. We also provide payroll/compliance, HR & Social Security services in a combined, integrated solution.

Crossbord is a combination of the two words “cross” and “border”, which is the point of departure in all our core services.

The logo is a combination of two elements; a location pin, to convey that we deal with services based on locations, and three vertical lines, which symbolise growth, borders, and a runway on which new ventures are both launched and landed safely.

The name is different but our team and our values remain the same. Our services are the same, we still offer a unique combination to serve our customers’ specific situations, and we would like to communicate this with the new name. There is no change to legal entity other than the name. As such, the change will have no consequence for our customers.

Over all everything will remain the same for you. We will get new email addresses and data exchange points, but we will let you know in good time. Feel free to contact us, if you’d like to have your agreements or contracts revisited to see if we can improve the way your services are put together. Then one of our consultants will communicate with you about making it happen.

No, you will not. But you will need to update your internal vendor system to reflect our new name and address: Crossbord ApS | 35851046 (CVR / Company Registration Number)

No other consequences than that you have to get used to our new name, Crossbord

Yes, nothing changes here. We still assist with tax, payroll, compliance, and HR & social security services in cross border situations.

Yes, amongst a range of global mobility services, we still deliver expert tax services.

No we did not, we’re still the same company with the same owner structure – just with a new name.

We had outgrown our old office – there simply wasn’t enough space for us, luckily our new office space was available and it was an easy decision to move. The new address is:

Crossbord ApS

Hobrovej 42D, 3TH

DK-9000 Aalborg


We are still a part of United Tax Network (worldwide) and can draw from the benefits of this network as well as our other international partners.

We are slowly rolling out the changes the rebranding and new name will cause:

    1. There is now an awesome new website, check out crossbord.dk

    2. We will get new emails that end in @crossbord.dk but our @unitedtaxnetwork.dk emails are still active, and every communication to these emails will be forwarded to our new emails until further notice.

    3. Our clients will have new portals for data exchange, and we will let you know as soon as they are ready.

    4. Internally we focus on further developing our systems and integrating more automations in our work.


If it makes sense we are more than happy to go through your needs with you to see if our services could serve you better in a different setup. Feel free to contact us to make it happen.

do you have any questions about our services?

Feel free to reach out to us, and we will get back to you

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