About us

Who is Crossbord? 
We are your partner when it comes to moving people in the world

Crossbord makes global mobility easy for you and your employees

In the murky waters of global mobility, we are your anchor of knowledge and experience.
We want you to feel safe and confident, knowing your situation is being handled correctly, so you can focus on the exciting adventure that lies ahead of you.

A word from our CEO

“Launching a new brand and name has been a significant decision. Both the market and our strategy have changed significantly since I assumed the role of CEO in 2014, and we have now come to a point where it is natural that our name and identity reflects this.

Knowledge and process capabilities are continuously merging, and the ability to make the machine work smarter is a value proposition we are both required and dedicated to deliver. The global mobility scene is a hot spot both when it comes to complexity in knowledge as well as requirements for compliance capabilities.

In the cases that we solve for our clients the common denominator has always been the cross-border element. Our area of expertise still lies within tax, social security, payroll, and compliance, and we are more than ever dedicated to solving those complex cross-border challenges within global mobility and cross-border structures.

Crossbord is a new name that marks a new era, but our team and values remain the same.”

Crossbord logo sign and green plant

Crossbords History

United Tax Network- Denmark was established In 2006 in Aalborg, Denmark.
The world is ever changing, and to reflect what we do, as a natural development United Tax Network – Denmark became Crossbord in 2023.

As we learn, grow, and evolve into something new, we bring a new name to the table, but we bring with us our “old” set of values. 

We still value long-term, integral collaborations with our clients because we believe that it creates the best foundation for managing global mobility projects. Trust and teamwork is key to our success.

The team is more or less the same with a few new additions, meet us here.

Since 2006 United Tax Network – Denmark has delivered the good solutions that our clients already know and trust, and we will continue to do so in the future as Crossbord.

How our Values benefit you

We care for our clients and their employees, for our partners, for each other, and for the world we live in.

To be curious and continuosly explore new ways to do business is something we do and value. If there is a new and better way to do things, our interest is to implement that as fast as possible.

Teamwork is a big part of us. We see the strength in asking for help, and we understand the value of being able to support and complement each other with expert knowledge in different areas. We see our clients as part of our team, it should go without saying but we will say it anyway: we always strive to make sure that those we work with are well taken care of. 

We are humble. We respect our clients and our tasks, and we prefer to show our value through action, not just words.

We are proud of who we are, how our work and results are of high quality, how we assist our clients and provide security for their employees in new and unfamiliar situations.our

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