Welcome to our new colleagues

September brought two new faces to our team. Aalborg University students, Dorr Hamadi and Nicoline Nielsen, will be working with us as Tax Trainees in the Delivery Team.
Crossbord's new tax trainees Dorr Hamadi and Nicoline Nielsen posing for a photo

International tax talents

Dorr and Nicoline are both studying Administration and Commercial Law at Aalborg University at their 7th and 9th semester, respectively. Here Nicoline has already experienced  Magnus Vagtborg and Jacob Krushave as (award-winning) associate professors, and soon Dorr will get the pleasure as well.

Both have mentioned, on separate occasions, that they find international tax interesting and exciting. In the team, we are all excited that Dorr and Nicoline decided to apply for positions at Crossbord, and we are looking forward to working together. 

Crossbord tax trainee Dorr Hamadi smiling in a blue blazer with her arms crossed
Crossbord tax trainee Nicoline Nielsen smiling at the camera

Learning from the best

As tax trainees Dorr and Nicoline will be working closely with the entire delivery team. They have already had their first day at work as can be seen in the picture below, where our consultant, Mathias Kallehauge, is providing an onboarding session. Interestingly, Mathias himself started his career at Crossbord, and in international tax, as a tax trainee.

Tax consultant Mathias Kallehauge standing in front of an empty whitebord while tax trainees Dorr Hamadi and Nicoline Nielsen looks at him

latest news

Consequences of Great Prayer Day (Store Bededag)

On February 28th, 2023, the Danish Government passed a bill (Act L 13 2022/2023) on the consequences of abolishing the Great Prayer Day as a public holiday. 2023 will be the last year in which Great Prayer Day is a public holiday according to legislation.

We went to Make Waves

Our very Linda and Line attended the Make Wave ’23 event in Munich to, as the event organiser puts it: “hear from expert speakers, meet fellow Make users to engage, learn, and discover new best practices“.

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