We went to Make Waves

Our very Linda and Line attended the Make Wave ’23 event in Munich to, as the event organiser puts it: “hear from expert speakers, meet fellow Make users to engage, learn, and discover new best practices“.

TLDR; what a great event!

There was a lot of take in at the Make Waves ’23 event. We thoroughly enjoyed the talks going over everything from new features and the roadmap showing us where we will soon go, to highlighting different ways to work with scenarios and custom apps – and sometimes also how random life is, for example how can you start with a love for coffee and end up using automations in across your entire company.

And of course, what everyone has been talking about lately: how we can use AI in our work.

It was great being amongst like-minded people, meeting inspiring product managers, and seeing examples of how others use Make.com.

We were especially delighted to see that some others, like us, also set up their scenarios as methods, validating our decision to use low and no-code systems with computer science methodology.

Futhermore, it gave us a great boost of confidence listening to the fireside chat about how they had started out with automations at FranklinCovey, since we are about to embark on democratising automations citizen development style in our teams. The main advice was: trust your people, and it’s ok to fail as long as you fail fast, which goes hand in hand with our company culture, values, and methodology borrowing from Lencioni’s The Five Behaviors Model.

Besides all the excitement of the event, we were also very impressed with Munich’s beautiful architecture (and the Lego store).

A few take aways

  • AI is developing at rapid speed, but we still need humans to validate AI decisions
  • Don’t use AI just to use AI, focus on useful and efficient apps and functionality
  • With that said, the AI generator coming to Make.com looks awesome
  • The future of automations involves a heavy dose of citizen developers
    (which we think is awesome and not really news, but it’s good to see that others think so too)
  •  Make.com has some nifty features in their Enterprise plan that we are keeping an eye on
    (please just roll them out to your other plans 🙂 )
  • A new feature in the Custom Apps editor looks an awful lot like Intellisense, and we like it!
  • Git for Apps has been introduced (in Beta), and easy switch between production and test environments in VS Code looks efficient

latest news

Consequences of Great Prayer Day (Store Bededag)

On February 28th, 2023, the Danish Government passed a bill (Act L 13 2022/2023) on the consequences of abolishing the Great Prayer Day as a public holiday. 2023 will be the last year in which Great Prayer Day is a public holiday according to legislation.

A picture showing a pair of scissors cutting a bag of money in half. The bag has text saying: "10 billion", and 3 coins are falling out of the bag and into a piggy bank. In the background a group of people is seen.

10 Billion DKK tax break proposed

The Danish government has proposed a tax reform, which will give a tax break of 10 billion Danish Kroner (DKK) to 3.3 million Danes from 2026. The reform has also introduced a new “top-top-tax” for people with an annual income of more than 2.5 million DKK.

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