Sustainable work life

Easter approaches and brings the spirit of rebirth, renewal, and a welcome reminder for us to reflect on our impact on the world around us.

Working at Crossbord means that, from time to time, we get treated.

We try to choose sustainably whenever we can, and gifting each other presents that are not just thoughtful but also kind to our planet is a great place to start.

Easter brought sustainable presents to all in the team, curated and arranged by COO, Agne Vagtborg, delivered by Susanne Frost Lübech Poulsen from LÜBECH LIVING / OOhh Collection.

The team says: “Thank you!”

latest news

Magnus holding up the AAA credit rating silver diploma

AAA Silver rating to Crossbord

On December 1st, 2023 we have had the AAA (highest) credit rating for 5 years, and therefore we have received the silver diploma to showcase at the office.

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