Sponsoring Danske Hospitalsklovne

Nobody likes being sick. Nobody likes being sick and in the hospital. But being a child, being sick and in the hospital can be scary even though parents, doctors, nurses, and other staff do their best to make it better.

The Danske Hospitalsklovne organisation (Danish Hospital Clowns) tries to bring in a little play, humour, and magic to the hospitalised kids in the Danish hospitals. We think they do a tremendously good job, which is why we sponsor them.

A special thank you to our manager, André, for modelling a clown nose for us today.

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Sustainable work life

Easter approaches and brings the spirit of rebirth, renewal, and a welcome reminder for us to reflect on our impact on the world around us.

Magnus holding up the AAA credit rating silver diploma

AAA Silver rating to Crossbord

On December 1st, 2023 we have had the AAA (highest) credit rating for 5 years, and therefore we have received the silver diploma to showcase at the office.

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