How to: grant administrator rights in Zenegy

Follow the steps below to grant us authorisation to your Zenegy account.

Følg disse trin for at give os adgang som administrator på din Zenegy konto.


1. Log into your Zenegy account.

1. Log ind på din Zenegy konto.

2. Select “My company” in your top menu.

2. Vælg “Min virksomhed” i topmenuen.

3. Select “Administrators”.

3. Vælg “Administratorer”

4. Select “View All Administrators”.

4. Vælg “Se Alle Administratorer”

5. Type in “Crossbord” in the search field, then when Crossbord shows below, click on it.

5. Indtast “Crossbord” i søgefeltet, og tryk på Crossbord, når det dukker op nedenfor.

6. Select “Choose Administrator”.

6. Vælg “Vælg Administrator”.

7. In the drop down menu, choose “Full access”. Then click on “Save”.

7. Vælg “Fuld adgang” i drop down menuen, og tryk gem.

If you encounter any problems assigning Crossbord as administrators, please don’t hesistate to contact us for assistance.

Hvis du har problemer med at give Crossbord administratorrettigheder, så kontakt os for at få assistance.

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