Happy day of the Seafarers

Crossbord celebrates the International Maritime Organization's Day of the Seafarer, which this year focuses on the enhancement of safety standards in the maritime industry. Crossbord supports the initiative to enhance both physical and psychological safety for seafarers and other crew at sea. As a company, we are dedicated to provide ongoing support for organisations and their crews, ensuring their safe navigation through the currents of international tax and compliance.
An aerial view of a large cargo ship at sea, commemorating the ‘Happy Day of the Seafarer - June 25th, 2024’, with the Crossbord logo displayed below.

At Crossbord, we wish all seafarers good weather conditions today on the International Maritime Organization‘s Day of the Seafarer, June 25th, 2024! 🚢✨

The International Maritime Organization celebrates the seafarers who navigate our world’s oceans. This year, the focus is on empowering these maritime professionals to improve safety standards and foster a more secure working environment within the industry.

We take point of depature in Denmark and its strong maritime tradition. For centuries, Danes have been renowned seafarers, explorers, and traders, and this rich history has fostered a profound respect for the sea and those who sail it. At the same time, we consider psychological safety just as vital as physical safety, especially in high-stakes environments like maritime industries. In such environments it is imperative to create an atmosphere where individuals feel comfortable expressing themselves, sharing ideas, and voicing concerns without fear of retribution. A culture of openness and trust is essential for the mental health of seafarers who often face long periods away from home and the stresses of life at sea.

At Crossbord, we deeply value this initiative. Safety is a cornerstone of our mission, extending beyond the physical confines of the sea. For years, we have been supporting organisations and their crews to navigate safely in the complex currents of international tax and compliance, and we are we are committed to continuing this support for many more years to come for both Danes and internationals crossing the borders of Denmark, Danish territorial waters, and the Exclusive Economic Zone.

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Illustration of a person with a worried face standing at an open window, out of which money is flying. The background features a cargo vessel on the water. The sky is blue with white clouds, and the wall where the window is installed is made of red bricks.

Managing Tax Challenges for Employees Embarking on Nordic Vessels

In our globalised economy, companies frequently encounter intricate tax challenges, particularly when their employees engage in projects abroad. This article explores a recent ruling (SKM2024.333.ØLR) by the Eastern High Court of Denmark, providing insights on how businesses can effectively navigate the tax landscape to achieve compliance and optimal tax treatment.

The image depicts the Danish seat of government Christiansborg castle with lady justice holding scales and a sword standing across from a sailor, a man with a building with a note on it that says "family business", and a man holding a gift.

Political consensus on reform to support business

A broad political agreement has been reached to strengthen Danish business life through the sanitation of business support and new initiatives. The agreement has garnered support from a wide range of political parties, reflecting a commitment to invest in Denmark’s future and maintain its strength in green technologies and health.

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