How to: Grant Authorisation To
E-tax (Skattemappe)

In order for us to be able to help you with your tax return, we need access to your E-tax (Skattemappe in Danish). 

Follow the steps below to grant us authorisation to your E-tax or download the guide as a PDF.

STEP 1/14

Go to: and click “Log på”

STEP 2/14

Log on using your choice of  method, presumably MitID.

STEP 3/14

Log in with your MitID. It will prompt you to open your MitID app on your smartphone.

STEP 4/14

You are now logged in. Switch to English next to your profile in the top right corner.

STEP 5/14

You are presented with a welcome pop-up. Click on “Close” or “OK”.

STEP 6/14

Scroll down and choose “Profile and contact details”.

STEP 7/14

The website will be in Danish but do not worry, it is the only one. Choose “Giv adgang til rådgiver eller andre”

STEP 8/14

You are now on the “Authorise your accountant or others”, scroll down.

STEP 9/14

At the bottom of the page, click “Create new”

STEP 10/14

Input “35851046” (twice) to authorise Crossbord ApS to your E-tax (TastSelv) and click next.

STEP 11/14

Confirm your action by clicking on “Continue”.

STEP 12/14

Scroll to the bottom of the page.


Tick the box to give access to all information, set an expiry date for the authorisation to May 1st next year, and click “Accept”.

STEP 14/14

You should now have a new entry in your Accesses showing CPR/CVR/SE number, name, status (should be active), and icons to edit or delete the access, respectively.

Do you have questions?

* By checking GDPR Consent, you agree to let us store the information you provided in our system. You can always contact us to permanently remove your data. 

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