AAA Silver rating to Crossbord

On December 1st, 2023 we have had the AAA (highest) credit rating for 5 years, and therefore we have received the silver diploma to showcase at the office.
Magnus holding up the AAA credit rating silver diploma

Having the AAA (highest) credit rating is a quality stamp of our credit standing, and it shows a clear picture of your growth, profitability and risk of bankruptcy. It is based on the Nordics’ most well-established AAA rating system, and it guarantees that Crossbord is a reliable business partner for you to collaborate with.

The logos below link directly to our credit report.

latest news

Changes to law about tax relief in Denmark

With a new judgment rendered in December 2023 the application of Ligningsloven (LL) clause 33A has changed.

LL clause 33A is often used in foreign based projects and employments and is therefore relevant for many of our clients, who have employees staying outside of Denmark for periods of time.

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